Awakening Is Now

Go for God 100%.

The goal of the spiritual path is mysticism, which could be described as the gateway to Enlightenment or to the real world. "Awakening Is Now" Enlightenment is when the mind has been emptied of all concepts and beliefs, leaving only the pure experience of your Christ-Self in union with God.

It’s possible to experience fear on the Spiritual path as you sink deeper into mysticism, and the ego’s voice will get louder and more vicious, throwing up lots of future fear-thoughts to keep your mind from continuing its journey into stillness. The ego has no existence in the stillness of Christ, and so all fear is really the ego’s fear of nonexistence. For this reason, trusting the Holy Spirit is key and will guide you through the layers of ego resistance, again and again, until the ego has been released from the mind entirely. Go for God 100%. David Hoffmeister

Golden Nugget:
“There is no universal theology. That’s impossible. But there can and must be a universal experience. So, I understood really quickly that the Course was actually opening up to an experience, and study is just something that human beings do, but that’s just the beginning and isn’t going to get you into Heaven. I share all the time that Heaven isn’t reached through words. You will not reach Heaven through words. ‘Words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus twice removed from reality.’ M.21.1:9-10 The Holy Spirit’s use of words can be very, very helpful, but remember in the Course, he actually has a line that a teacher of God could heal the world without a sound. You can’t forget that’s in there. 

So, this Course is a beginning and not an end. It’s about setting your mind into alignment with the Holy Spirit, who will direct your mind when you listen to His directions and instructions. He will direct your unlearning. To me, that was the whole point of A course in miracles. I don’t carry the Course around anymore; I don’t consult it. In the beginning, I used it as an ‘oracle’ in my hermitage years. I would simply pray, ask a question, open the Course, and would always get the most profound answer that would make me speechless. I felt like, 'this is the greatest thing in the world!' I’ve heard of the Greeks with the Delphic Oracle, and here I am in the woods with a blue book that is the greatest oracle that I’ve ever experienced in my life and it’s taking me rapidly higher and higher in awareness—just through my devotion to using it and trusting what was coming through it.

So, when we say that this Course is the beginning and not an end, it isn’t enough to hear the voice of Jesus; that’s only half of it. For me, it was the following what the voice told me to do that has made all the difference. That’s where the experience came in. It’s not just listening, but listening and following.

All of us can feel nudges and signs, symbols, and prompts, and then there can be a part in our mind that can think, 'ooh, that’s scary. Where is this leading me? I can’t even imagine taking that step! Because, what would follow after that step?' So, at times we do hear and the Course says, ‘God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day,’ (W-49) and, ‘There are many answers you have already received but have not yet heard.’ T-9.II.3.6 I think our hearts have received all of the answers, right in that second when the separation seemed to occur. The Holy Spirit gave us the whole bundle of any answer to any question, right there in one shot, one instant. And we’ve been too afraid to open up the package. We’ve been playing around with the ribbons on top of the package, because we’re afraid of, 'What will it cost me?' What does healing cost you? He says, 'it costs you the whole world you see! That’s all. The whole world you see.”

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