Attack Is in the Mind

“When you correct a brother, you are telling him that he is wrong.”

“When you correct a brother, you are telling him that he is wrong.” T-9.III.2:4 Yet, attack, victimhood, and wrongness are in the mind and are projected out onto the world. They are just attack thoughts that you chose! Listening to and following the Spirit is the way to transforming wrong-Attack Is in the Mind thinking into right-minded thinking.

Golden Nugget:
“When we perceive a world where there is killing or murder or death, it doesn’t really matter what the degree of the death. Even when we see a little flower growing through the cracks that keeps getting stepped on, there is something that gets triggered. When we perceive animals being mistreated or killed, there is something that gets triggered. And we have to realize that what created this linear, perceptual world, wasn’t God. It was the ego. So, this whole world is an invention of the ego. That is why one of the early lessons is, ‘I have invented the world I see.’ W-32 It’s about starting to pull the idea back. Like we learned from Genesis, ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.’ Genesis 1:1 God created the heavens alright, but not celestial heavens with stars and black holes and different kinds of realms and so forth. No, God created the eternal Heavens, and the ego projected the earth and the cosmos. So, the ego is a death wish. Everything that the ego projects is from the death wish. Everything in this linear world, this cosmos, is coming from the ego. It has no validity, no reality. It actually has no existence, except as a hallucination in the mind that believes in the ego.

When you get disturbed by what you are perceiving, what your eyes and your ears are perceiving, it is really that you are not taking in a perception. Instead, everything that we perceive is projected from the ego’s belief system. And remember, the ego is a death wish. So, when we look at people dying, whether it is in Nazi Germany, or animals dying, and so forth, we still have the death associated with the form. But the death wish is in the mind, and the form is just being used to hide the death wish. The ego wants us to be upset and project it and blame, and see the cause in the world because that’s how the death wish is projected, by seeing the cause outside. And so in terms of killing, we need a reorientation to start to realize that perceiving a fragmented world is death. If you perceive differences in time and space, that is the death. The death isn’t happening to animals or people. The death is in the fragmented perception. And that’s why the Course is so helpful because it keeps saying, 'One problem, one solution.'“ Living Miracles Center

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