The Big Wash (Edition 1)

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Dive deep into the unconscious mind with the movie "I Can Only Imagine" and the profound movie commentary from mystic and non-dual teacher David Hoffmeister

Would you like to know how to forgive anything and/or anyone in your life? Then this magazine can be perfect for you! This is a step-by-step guide that will help to expose any emotions, beliefs, and desires blocking the awareness to Love's presence, letting you know when to pause the movie to read David's commentary, when to inquire on some questions, and when to carry on with the movie. It's interactive tools, including beautiful illustrations and art, are intended to help one recognize one's true Self and the deep Love within that is always available. 

About David Hoffmeister's Movie Workshops for Awakening


Hoffmeister often refers to the movie workshops as "a big wash," "aimed at washing away," "a letting go in the mind of every scrap of judgment," "an opportunity in which the Spirit will wash and clean our perception as if we were in a washing machine." It symbolizes healing in mind as the Light of Truth washes our awareness from dark and unloving thoughts to the real or forgiven world the Holy Spirit offers us.

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About The Movie

"I Can Only Imagine" is a deeply touching forgiveness movie on the true story of Christian singer-songwriter Bart Miller and the healing journey with his father. Together we can see them move through fear, hatred, and abuse and witness the love that can heal all hurt. The themes we will be exploring are; forgiveness, anxiety, unworthiness, holy relationships, and undoing guilt.


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