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Sickness and Laying Aside the Self-Concept 5 Videos

Five-Part video series: Sickness and Laying Aside Self-Concept

General description of Part 1: It's all about mistaken identity and that's the reason why we have
to expose and release the self concept. It's being held to take the place of our true identity
and as long as we hold the self concept and value it in our mind that means we are not valuing
the self that we truly are, which is pure Divine love. David quotes a line from ACIM: "Sickness
is anger taken out upon the body." There is guilt in the mind, and there is anger, and self
hatred that comes from believing that you are an ego, instead of being the Christ self that you
are. And sickness is just one of those attempts to fend off Divine love and say to God: "Here is
proof that I'm weak and little and vulnerable." And to prove that I'm not worthy of that love.
It's a trick -- the mind is calling forth a witness to prove its littleness. Sickness is a wrong-
minded decision so it has to be exposed. Sickness seems to hold a value to the mind that is
afraid of healing.

General description of Part 2: Healing is about dropping deep into the mind to see what the sickness is really about, to release anger and who you think you are. What purpose does illness serve for the ego?" We are trying to avoid something with the sickness. We use sickness to avoid school, work and life. The mind believes it's a helpless child and believes that there are parents and authority figures out there, and that it's stuck in a world -- and that's the self concept. The self concept is so firmly held in place and it's such a feeling of being suffocated or trapped, that sickness seems like a pretty good option. Sickness is often used as an avoidance to face some kind of issue deeper down in the mind, which it would be good to put your full attention on. What is that that I'm not facing? It's an invitation to go much deeper into the mind.

General description of Part 3: Sickness in any form is a perceptual problem. What are the underpinnings underneath it?. Look at the pain as a gift to give you the opportunity to look deeper into the mind. Only forgiveness heals a grievance, which can be buried deep in the unconscious. Sometimes it seems treatment works even if you don't change your mind. It is a shift in mind, but it may not be in awareness. Things don't just disappear or appear -- the mind is deep and has many tricks. You begin to open up to the idea that the mind is extremely causative, and that the world of effects has no causation. Quotes are from A Course in Miracles.

General description of Part 4: Every symptom is a form of self punishment. We have to let ourselves feel that desire to punish ourselves, to feel the actual self hatred and the shame. Allow it up into awareness and see it for what it is. Expose it so fully that there is no part of the psyche that tries to hide it anymore. David quotes the workbook (ACIM): "I am not a body and my mind cannot attack. So, I cannot be sick." If my mind cannot attack, why do I have all these attack thoughts? In lesson 23 (ACIM) Jesus says: "I can escape the world I see by giving up attack thoughts". The original attack thought, the belief in separation -- that you can leave heaven -- is such a horrific thought, that it is pushed completely out of awareness.

General description of Part 5: The ego is trying to play a trick with the mind and cover over the original attack thought with these other surface attack thoughts. Until you go deeper and get down to the core attack thought (that you separated from your Father) and allow that to be released from your mind, these tricks of the ego will seem to go on and will seem to have real consequences. The belief that I can be in competition with God or to attack God is the same. If it is possible that attack is real in any way, shape or form, then guilt would be real as well. And innocence would be impossible. That is what forgiveness is all about. Enlightenment is the experience of the complete impossibility of attack, and hence of your own innocence. Trust is key when you're on this journey. The mind won't open up to miracles if it's too terrified.