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Who or What exactly IS God? And if God is just pure Abstract Light, and therefore there's not REALLY anyone hearing my specific prayers other than me

Question: For many years I have understood God as a being of sorts, or a conscious all knowingness, that knew me, thought about me, and everyone else in this universe and beyond. I also saw God as the creator in this world which is constantly being formed. Now I don't know about any of it. What is God? Just beingness? I Am? What exactly is that? If God is just being, or existence, then why bother saying a prayer? Who hears it other than me? What good can it possibly do? Thanks in advance.

Answer: Thanks for writing. You are a blessing. It is always wonderful to hear from you. You are what you have been searching for. Identity in God is closer than a breath.

God is the Eternal Love Which remains forever and forever and is Known when all concepts of time-space have dissolved away. Emptying the mind, as in Zen practice, is making clean the Altar to Divine Mind. God creates Spirit, and “matter” is simply the matter or focus of forgiveness/release of illusions that cloud the mind. Prayer is the desire of the heart, and true prayer is the single desire or desirelessness that transcends the multiple desires for things and perceptual experiences that the ego (error) craves. The truth is simple because it is one. One prays continuously, and that is why it is important to be watchful of what you ask for or desire.

God Knows the prayer of the heart. Beyond the words and questions and symbols is an experience of certainty in which there is no doubt. It is impossible to truly be anything but this certainty. Question and Answer, asker and the one who is asked, only seem to be different in dreams. Yet there is a Point, a State of Mind, in which everything is experienced as One.

Concepts were made to deny the Eternal. In forgiveness of what never was is a final concept, accepted to take the place of the "many." Unlearn every concept of time and all conflict and doubt is undone.

The I Am presence is Pure Spirit. Only this Self can BE Known. All "else" fades and grows dim and disappears, for time could never come and take the place of Eternity.

I am with you all the way in simplicity. I am always happy to talk with you and can give you a call if you think it would be helpful. May your unlearning be Joyful and our Mind remain in Peace forever. We walk the Selfsame road, and the way is easy. The way inward is natural. You are my very Self in Love, and I rejoice in our Innocence. Nothing else ever was true. Keep shining our Light. It is soooooooooo bright, as You are. You are the One!

In gratitude and love, David