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How can I absorb more of what I'm reading in the Course so that I can retain it better?

Question: In a transcript from a recent gathering, you mention your reading ACIM eight hours a day. When you read it so voraciously, were you also absorbing what you read? When I am reading ACIM, I sometimes glimpse the truth in it, only to find that I can't even remember its content when I read it over again, as if I had absorbed nothing. I just keep reading and doing the workbook, hoping I am connecting on some level. I have gotten more from your talks than I get out of ACIM. The bulk of my unlearning has come from listening to Resta's music nonstop, over and over again. Help!

Answer: By the time I came across ACIM in 1986 I was already immersed in the Spirit and saw ACIM as the answer to a prayer. I resonated with mostly everything I read in ACIM at that time. When the mind sees the value of what is offered, distractions and investments in concepts of the world fall away quickly. It is really a matter of willingness and desire, for as Jesus says: "No amount of evidence will convince you of what you do not want." I saw ACIM as my escape from fear, and poured my heart and soul into it. It was more important to me than money, family, friends, even breathing. It is also very simple. That is why I understood what the Course was pointing to: the Present Moment. Only Now is understandable. Be gentle with yourself and fan the flames of your passion to know God and Self. Music will be a big part of your path! Bask in it.

Love Sweet Love, David