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Isn't the idea "I need do nothing" a contradiction with all the study of the Course we have to do?

Question: There is a section in the Course that says, “I need do nothing." It seems like a contradiction with all the study required by the Course.

Answer: It does seem like a contradiction, but the goal of the Course is to come to silence. The text and the workbook help remove the obstacles to the silence of the present moment. If your mind is already prepared to enter into the divine silence, you do not need "A Course in Miracles." The "I need do nothing" section of the Course gives you the fast track if you are willing to take it. You give the mind permission to rest in stillness and to forget the body. In that section it says, "At no single instant does the body exist at all." It is always remembered or anticipated. Only light is the present moment, and the Workbook is designed to take your mind down beneath the clouds of the ego to the light within.

Love, David