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Forgiveness isn't really about "letting go" but about "bringing together, joining, and extending".

Question: Forgiveness according to ACIM is the desire to join. Forgiveness in ACIM has never been used in terms of "getting rid of" or as "letting go of" something. To release any thought from the mind is to give that thought death. Separation in any form or thought is not what the HS guides the mind to do. It only teaches to bring together, to join, and to extend. Can you expand on what "join" means in Course terms?

Answer: This truly is the message of forgiveness: "to bring together, to join, and to extend." The mind that recognizes its wholeness has forgiven the world. What is one cannot have separate parts which go their separate ways. To bring together is to see that the seeming gap of time-space has been "filled in" and in fact never was, and now love flows in awareness without the illusion of limit or restriction. To join means to celebrate our oneness and unity. "Join" describes a living state of mind, the Present Moment, and therefore "to join" transcends the ego concept of "process." To extend is natural, for that is our very Being. An Idea in the Mind of God extends God's Love, Being an Extension.

There is nothing left to "do" but celebrate our Oneness in God! Thanks be to God for creating All as One in Spirit. The words You share are a Blessed Reminder. Thank You Holy Spirit for showing the Way and shining the Light.

I love You! David