Drop Your Mask

Let your mask down and let the forgiveness begin. Let the directness of the Spirit inspire you!

David addresses the human condition with humor and lightness.

Golden Nugget:

“The glory of this Awakening journey is that we can lay aside all the masks, and what is left is this amazing Presence of who we really are, who we were created to be in God. For those of you who study A Course in Miracles, this is what you're being called into. Christ is fun! The Presence of Jesus is very playful. There’s this cosmic humor that comes with it—always poking and pointing out how funny everything is.

If you want to make angels laugh, show them a human being and they will burst into laughter. They laugh that humans are serious. They laugh that human beings are worried and concerned. It’s a light laughter. It’s a laughter that says, 'Thank God it’s not like that.' When the problems get too serious and the emotions get too heavy this is where the angels have a laugh. And that’s the way you can actually experience life with laughter, lightheartedness, and fun.”


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