Trust that Spirit knows the prayer of your heart. The ego is afraid of joining. If you are attracted to someone, speak your mind openly. We come together to heal and awaken.

“In relationships, there can be a hiding going on. The call of our hearts, really, is to expose everything. We are speeding things up for ourselves and for everyone. The ego says no, no. It doesn’t care if the bodies come together, but it wants the minds apart; the minds separate; the minds private and alone. It needs that sense of isolation and loneliness to continue, to seem to exist. It is terrified of any joining, true connecting. We start to flow with the Spirit more, and it’s like there it comes. We feel that deep connection.”

Your relationships are brought to you by design. The people you meet help you to Awaken. They are in your life for a purpose. You can not analyze the motives of others; you have to trust that whatever happens is in the plan. You can trust that the love in your heart is so strong that it will go on, no matter what the other person seems to do.