What am I identified with, right here, right now, in this present moment? Could it be that there is an identification that has its own thoughts and its own feelings that isn’t me, yet I believe it is? Can I be that insane? No. It is only that I am believing in something that is that insane. “Isn’t that what most spiritual teachers are talking about? Transcending a Personal Sense of Self. Imagine how your life will go when you give yourself to something so deep and so devoted and you are not concerned at all about what is going on in the personal realm. The things that seem to be the major stressors that psychologists list and rate are loss of a spouse, death of a child, loss of a job, career change. These all have a commonality with the personal self. It is obvious that there is a personality problem. It is the mask. The mask is stressed. The Spirit is never stressed. The Christ is never stressed. The eternal soul is never stressed. Psychologically the ego is freaking out because it feels like it is losing something. Losing a spouse, losing a home, losing a career—loss, loss, loss. You see what is happening? If I am identified with an ego, I will experience its feelings. That is where the stress comes in.”

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