When and if you are guided to get married, what purpose does your marriage serve? Marriage in the world is an event on the timeline, which can seem like an important event. Yet, this present moment is ultimately more important than any single event. It is more important because in this moment we can choose our purpose.

If relationships are forms in a curriculum the Holy Spirit has given as learning aids, this raises the debate: Do humans have free will or is everything predestined? Are all relationships predestined?
“Predestination is a time idea. What we are told in ACIM is that forgiveness is our curriculum. Our whole purpose in life is to learn how to forgive, and be happy, joyful, and loving. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. This curriculum was in place before you came to this world, which means you are subject to this curriculum. Only the time you can take it is voluntary.”
Every moment you are deciding whether to forgive or not to forgive. Each time you hold on to an upset, a grievance, you are deciding not to forgive. Every grievance that you hold on to is saying no to forgiveness. Can you just decide to say yes? Yes! Each moment we are happy is a yes to the curriculum.

Saying yes to the curriculum is a skill. Learning a skill takes discipline. When you decide to learn an instrument, you must practice. Learning to cook, ride a bike, drive a car, requires the discipline of dedicated practice. Forgiveness is a skill. You must practice it. It takes discipline.

When you commit yourself to a decision, the ego will throw up an alternative. Be vigilant and discern between the ego’s voice and the Holy Spirit’s voice. Everything is mind and there is nothing outside of you.
You cannot establish the form of the curriculum. Relationships in your life are destined to be in your curriculum. They are gifts from the Holy Spirit; each relationship is a mirror of your mind. You can’t chose the form—the body that you see or the situation that you find yourself in—but you can chose your interpretation of the events as they seem to unfold. What is your state of mind as the event seems to happen? Are you choosing forgiveness, happiness? Or are you believing that the situation that seems external can effect you? How are you interpreting what you see with your body’s eyes?
Forgiveness, as ACIM teaches, is an inspired interpretation. This interpretation requires discipline. Practice forgiving.

In order to know who you truly are, you need to forgive all you are not. “The only temptation is to believe that there is something outside of yourself that can make you happy, or can take your happiness away. Forgiveness shows us that happiness is a choice. It is always available. It is always an option.”