The ACIM teaching that “the script is written” seems to have an aspect of destiny to it. You are destined to wake up. "The Script Is Written and Free Will" The story is false and you are to accept your divinity instead. You can then begin to develop the feeling that God has created you perfect and innocent. Free will is your will in Heaven. Yet we need to be convinced of this and an attachment to the past requires us to have guidance in where to go and what to do. This can’t be glossed over.

The emphasis in the statement, “the script is written,” is on the word “written,” which is in the past tense. Experiencing loneliness, sadness, hurt, and fear is the experience of being identified with the story and not with your Christ identity. The story is false and your divinity is reality.
“The script is written” brings to mind an ultimate sense of having “no control over the world,” which brings to mind the serenity prayer in 12-step programs. David Hoffmeister uses the 12-step analogy to bring to mind concepts like the recognition of unmanageability, inventory, connection to Spirit, and guidance.
 A Course in Miracles

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