The Atonement as referred to in "A Course In Miracles:" There is no hierarchy of illusions just as there is no order of difficulty in miracles. The power of God transcends any kind of belief in error or sickness. The Atonement is a different breed. Jesus speaks of it as being an unequivocal choice. The section in ACIM called "The Last Unanswered Question" gives four questions and points out that the fourth is different from the others. In order to experience who you really are, you have to be able to answer the last unanswered question. "Do I want to see what I denied because it is the truth?" Spiritual vision was denied in order for this world to seem to arise. A shadow world, a world of images. The graven images referred to in the bible is the cosmos. God is Spirit, He creates in Spirit. The ego made all the images. The Vision of Christ is always available. It can seem to be a matter of time or a matter of readiness but what it comes down to is the willingness to see what has been denied to see with spiritual vision, which is what revelation is about. 

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The Impossibility of Private Thoughts