The belief in separation is actually the belief in impossibility. The ego created the world. God did not create the world. You can't connect a God of Love to a distorted perceptual world where there seem to be so many problems. We have a belief in the concept of duality. This is an error. This very error has to be exposed. We have to look at this error together and expose its falsity. This whole world was made as a giant hiding place. Duality is in the mind, not in the world. When the mind decided to take the idea seriously (forgot to laugh) the whole cosmos was created as a giant fig leaf to cover up the belief in shame and guilt. You have to look within and see and expose the shame for the nothingness it is instead of trying to project it into time and space. The problem is not time and space, it is in your mind that made up the belief. We need to release the error and realize that it has no consequence. The instant the error seemed to arise the Answer was given. A Course in Miracles

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