A Course in Miracles is an answer to the mind that is asking for healing. It is very direct. Jesus says the same thing repeatedly and in many different ways. The world is a hallucination, but that’s not even the problem! The problem isn’t the world. The problem is your mistaken perception of the world. You can see the world in a new way with the Holy Spirit. Open up to the Correction and give the world a new purpose. Jesus gives you the workbook as a direct way to heal the mind without having to analyze the darkness. Direct, simple healing of the mind is available, now. ACIM daily lessons are the laboratory in which your healing work will take place. There are only two instructions for following the workbook. It is carefully spelled out to the mind!
Symbols and stories that present themselves to you have no meaning in and of themselves. Meaning is assigned by the mind. What is the purpose of the symbols you see? Put all of your focus and attention on watching the mind at work. Ask for help!

The Holy Spirit will give you everything you need for your healing. Carry your lesson like a torch through the day, knowing that everything that comes into your awareness will help you in your Awakening. There may seem to be millions of complex problems with many accompanying decisions, but the only choice is in your mind. It is the choice between reality and unreality coming to you in many disguises. A Course In Miracles

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Exposing Everything: The Beginning of True Healing