This discussion follows a viewing of the Star Trek episode, “The Thaw,” which illustrates how Releasing the Ego operates and uses fear. The first question to ask on the spiritual journey is, “What aspect of the dream do you like?” The likes and dislikes are both part of a judgment system to keep the mind asleep. The dreams you think you like can hold you back just as much as the dreams in which the fear is apparent. The things you like are part of the prison without you knowing it. The mind is enmeshed and addicted to fear. Darkness must be flushed up; affirmations are ineffective. The words alone won’t do it. The sense of denial is insidious and until you get in touch with the feelings, there can be no authentic healing. Ego does not want thoughts to be looked at. Any goal other than peace of mind is fruitless. A Course In Miracles

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