You have only one true Source. As you approach the healing of the mind, you are doing a service to the whole of mankind. Your family of origin may have been a strong focus before, but now your focus "softens" or widens and begins to take on universal proportions. God did not create this world; it is a world of idolatry. We have "idolized" concepts such as romantic love and traditional family values. Don't worry about the biblical "golden calf." Far greater idols are concepts like "mom" and "dad." Online CoursesA Courses In Miracles

Hello dear viewer: "One True Source" is discussed in full detail in this video. If you watch this video, you will know more about "One True Source" and your experience will increase after watching this video. So please watch the video at least once. We believe you will benefit greatly. 

Watching this video: Characters in Your Life



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