We are addicted to judgment, the ego device that perpetuates the illusion of linear time. To heal our addiction we need the holy instant and our mighty companions. Build a link with your New Perspective Internal Teacher. A Course in Miracles teaches that salvation is the escape from all concepts of this world, for they are all based on guilt. Your tool is the Workbook, and the Text makes it meaningful. The Manual gives you a new role as Teacher of God, that you may be used by Spirit. Words are left behind because truth can only be experienced. Sink into the stillness in your mind. The Christ-light within you reveals the curriculum. You have to question every value that you hold and give yourself over to the Holy Spirit and this change of perception, and then transcend physical sight. Once you have an experience of revelation, of the Great Rays, you know the world is just a shadow with no reality. The truth is One. We want direct experience of Love in as short a time as possible.

Hello dear viewer: "New Perspective" is discussed in full detail in this video. If you watch this video, you will know more about "New Perspective" and your experience will increase after watching this video. So please watch the video at least once. We believe you will benefit greatly.   

Movie Watching as a Spiritual Practice