I recently came across a precious video, called, "One Moment of Surrender" with David Hoffmeister and Kirsten Buxton, which you can view below. In this video, David shares about Kirsten's prompts to hold jam sessions, and how this is used by the Spirit to undo the belief in time and the need to accomplish anything for the future.
I have been feeling very inspired by music for some years now. The strong pull to dive into studying and performing music suddenly dropped in during my early twenties. Though, what was initially a great help for my heart to open up and expand, soon became a means to receive approval rather than a means to share love and joy. There was a lot of fear of consequences, of not doing it right, of failing, etc. I reached a point of realizing that this way of going about things wasn't serving my happiness. So the inspiration dropped almost completely for a few years up until now.

Ever since the teachings of David Hoffmeister, and Jesus in A Course in Miracles came in, the purpose of music in my mind has been given a retranslation as my true calling in life has been awakened. I now am fully focused on relearning/realizing that I can simply follow the spark in my heart in every moment. This is a seeming process of letting Spirit uncover anything in the mind that is blocking the light from shining, helping me forgive the limiting ideas and thoughts through the provided means. 

Recently a new fire has been lit around music; lyrics suddenly started coming through and I've been feeling again to play on my guitar. My grandfather's old piano also got moved into this house. And even though I never learned to play it, Spirit has been moving my fingers around, playing the keys for me. I can tell by how It feels. It feels terrific and so beautiful. And all it takes is one moment of surrender to let the spark in mind take over any thoughts of the past and future, any doubts and fears. Then I feel the radiance of a non-compromising state of mind that only wants to be happy.  

Another beautiful reflection and confirmation of how Spirit really takes care of everything without me needing to worry about a thing was when my dad came in the other day asking me whether I had memorized a classical song to which I told him I had just been improvising. 
Only a few weeks ago, playing and singing really became more of a daily inspiration again. Then I suddenly fell upon this video with David and Kirsten which perfectly expresses my prayer for it all. 

One Moment of Surrender with David Hoffmeister and Kirsten Buxton

In doing the mind-training to stay focused on the one purpose of forgiveness, I'm starting to realize that the belief one needs to work and strive for something in the future in order to survive or prove one's worth, is a block to the awareness of love's presence and keeps us uninspired and in fear. In listening to any thoughts that are telling me how something should be done or what I should be doing in order to be happy, I'm actually a human doing, as David says it, instead of a human Being or Spirit. My mind then is split and focused on what I think I need rather than what I am truly inspired to give and extend right now. This is where suffering comes in.
I love how David uses the metaphor of flowers, being symbols of contentment, shining, and giving their colors and fragrances freely without any concerns or thoughts of responsibility. They have nowhere to go, no place to be, and are always taken care of, fully able to extend their light. It doesn't have to be any different for me.

"In one moment of surrender, letting go of all thoughts of the future, takes you immediately into the field, with no clue of the future whatsoever." - David Hoffmeister