In this teaching, David reminds us that "A Courses In Miracles" guides us towards bringing illusions into truth, not the other way around. You can’t bring spirit into your workplace; you can’t spiritualize your relationships. If you try to use ACIM to make a better planet, you will fail. The world holds nothing of value; pass it by. You can’t bring the truth into illusion. Modern Mysticism you can’t bring spirit into matter. In the 11th century, the Cathars in France believed that the Son of God could never incarnate in form. Along the same lines, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter.” Everything you think is important in this world is nothing. There is no “mind and matter.” It’s all mind. You are mind. Jesus says you are wholly mind, purely mind, and only mind/spirit is real. This realization is a cause for freedom, joy, and happiness. Whatever you thought you had to do or make or change in this world to accomplish happiness, you don’t. It is purely a state of mind.

In the mystical experience, the monkey mind and chatter are gone. It’s so wonderful. It changes everything! Your mind is free of should's, must's, ought to’s, and have to’s. You have a flash of awareness that you are not the body. This awareness changes the whole trajectory of your life. You are given miracles, which are flashes of perception that show you the glory, the potential. But you seemingly have to take on the role of miracle worker. It is humble to accept it, to be used as a miracle worker. Everything else will be given. The Holy Spirit will rush in with everything that you need to do your part perfectly. All you have to do is have the faith to say “yes” to that. Once we have that one non-dual moment, that experience of Oneness, then we begin to apply it without exception. It is an experience of mind. You realize that you are perfect just as you are now. Living Miracles Center

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