When you encounter feelings of rage inside, what can you do? David Hoffmeister shares that in his experience, people on the spiritual journey can shift quickly from expressing rage to laughing out loud. Laughter and rage cannot be in the same mind. So where can the rage be? When you flip into the higher perspective, the very thing you were angry about is hilarious! Love is all that there is. When you experience that consistently, it radiates from you. Love, like laughter, is contagious. Are all feelings contagious? Can one person's feelings of rage cause a whole room to feel angry and upset? Everything that you experience in your consciousness is reflected back to you as images. Persons are all images that you have made. Can a person hurt your feelings? As you use the metaphysics of ACIM to change your perspective on what a person is, you see that they cannot. Thinking that another person can cause you to feel a certain way is erroneous. It is a false cause and effect relationship. As you go through the mind training of A Course in Miracles, you begin to see that if you are at peace, the entire universe is at peace.