Every situation that we experience is an opportunity to let go of what we think the world means. When we recognize that we have given everything we see the meaning it has for us, we can choose differently. Become still and receptive to the Holy Spirit’s way of seeing "I Gave It the Meaning It Had for Me", rather than interpretations based on the belief in past learning. This will open us to guidance in a very practical way.

The whole world is a distractive device intended to keep us from finding our divine innocence within. Forgiveness is looking at the tiny mad idea and seeing that it has always been unreal. The game of victim and victimizer is just another trick to keep the mind preoccupied with false beliefs. The way out is to see that perfect, divine innocence has no opposite. Living Miracles Center

“If you say and mean, ‘I will no longer let the past direct my journey,’ then you’re also saying, ‘I know you’re right here with me Spirit, and I know you’ve got a plan and I know you’ve got actual guidance and direction for me right now. The only thing that prevents me from hearing guidance is if I’ve got some kind of tape running. I am telling myself a story of how I know better based on my past learning.’”

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