How to Stop a Panick Attack

If you've ever had a panic attack you know that it can be a terrifying experience. You might not know that it's actually being caused by patterns in your mind that are convincing you to believe in fear. Like you should be afraid of something, which then causes the panic attack that can lead to a next panic attack. You might feel like you are in this loop. A loop seems inescapable.

I used to have this pattern. It started when I was 16 years old in high school. It pushed me to find out how to stop a panic attack as well as generally find another way to live and think about the world. I started to realize that my thoughts were powerful and that I can work with them to find peace.

Become Aware of Thoughts and Emotions

One of the first steps I realized I had to take was to start paying attention to my thoughts and my emotions. Rather than pushing them down and ignoring them, I had to acknowledge them. This can be a scary first step if you've been used to ignoring all your thoughts and emotions. Though, it can be a practical and gentle process. Even if you start meditating for a few minutes a day or start taking a pause during the day to pay attention to how you feel and what you're thinking. It'll be a great service to your state of mind.

Spiri Chatbot and Levels of Mind

One tool that I started using a lot was the Spiri process a.k.a the Levels of Mind. It will work even if you don't believe in God. It starts off with asking what is upsetting you and then goes into releasing the thoughts and beliefs underneath that are creating this upset. Another tool that walks you through that same process is our Spiri chatbot. You can find this bot by sending it a message on Facebook and it will walk you through the same process.

In this video, David Hoffmeister, teacher of A Course in Miracles and creator of the Levels of Mind, takes you through the whole process. It is completely free to use.

What You Believe and Think You Will See

Whether you prefer to use the Levels of Mind or the Spiri chatbot, you will come to realize that it is always our thoughts that are causing the fear. It is the thoughts where the actual problem lies, not in the world. Once we recognize the thoughts, we can choose to release them. This is how to stop a panic attack.

The Spiri chatbot was also featured in Wired Magazine's article about which chatbots were most helpful in the author's self-help journey. 

You can stay connected with us by liking the Spiri Facebook page and if you ever need any support you can always message the page.

Much Love,
Andy Pejman


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