When you are willing, you can stop being distracted by the ego’s trick of linear time and allow Spirit to show you, very specifically, "How to Know What to Do Next" what to do next. 

ACIM daily lessons direct the mind out of the maze of linear time. Lesson 32 says, “I have invented the world I see.” To be human is to make images; to imagine hypothetical possibilities for the future. There is a lot of fear in this process. The ego-mind keeps generating a future, which is just a construct to keep the guilt going. Concern for the future is a defense against the present moment. Christ is offering to show us the way home, to make it obvious. You can ask for guidance and let it be given. The Spirit takes us beyond the body and beyond imagination into transcendent moments. The ego invented its own present moment, between the past and the future. This is not true. The present is actually prior to time altogether. The whole trick of time is to distract us from our I AM-ness, which is our connection with eternity. The ego’s version of the present is a dot on the timeline that leaves you powerless. At no single instant does the body exist at all. It is always remembered or anticipated. The ego makes it seem physical, but it is the past. An example of the present moment is a revelatory experience in which three-dimensionality collapses and the world disappears in blazing light. It is pure I AM-ness without words. On a daily basis being in the present moment can be practiced. Show up with the willingness to be guided. The guidance can be very clear and specific, and you will be happy as you follow it. Amazing things can unfold. Hearing and following guidance is the goal of the Workbook for Students.A Course in Miracles

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