What if you do entertain the notion of enlightenment? Some symbols and stories are about the possibility that you will become enlightened in a different Earth lifetime, and that it isn’t possible in this one. But deep down, there is a feeling that anything is possible. What if you entertain the notion of the holy instant as spoken about in A Course in Miracles? “Enlightenment then isn’t a matter of time, but a matter of desire. Time is not the problem. It is your desire for something else. Let thine eye be single. Creation is single desire and it is not a matter of time. For the mind that is heavily addicted to time, this is not an easy concept to understand. But what we all know, deep down and intuitively, is that nothing is beyond healing. In A Course in Miracles, Jesus states, ‘If you are tempted to be dispirited by thinking how long it would take to change your mind so completely, ask yourself, “How long is an instant?”’ (ACIM,T-15.I.11) That is his answer. He answers a question with a question. How long is an instant? He is always hopeful and always optimistic.”