The Holy Spirit does not have sickness in mind; Jesus was in the “Christ idea” in which there is no sickness, and so he could not see it. God created Christ perfect. So How Do You Heal Sickness? You have to go so deeply within by joining with the Spirit that you actually see the impossibility of sickness. How do you do that? First of all, if this world is a projection, then the problem is not on the screen; you have to get it off the screen. Sickness is not specific, it is MENTAL. When you have brought it back to the mind you are ready for the next step: Atonement, salvation, resurrection. The Holy Spirit looks not to effects, like cancer, because He has judged their cause, the ego, as unreal. Fragmented, specific perception is the problem. It is healed through holistic, unified perception—the quantum field. David Hoffmeister recounts a parable of raising the dead. As Jesus says in ACIM, you are the dreamer of the dream. Bodies are not real.

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