A plan B is anything we have in mind for our future happiness while ignoring the present moment. We are fighting ourselves with these distractive plan Bs. To be happy we need to trust the present Love of God, to trust it so much that we give up the plan Bs. In no situation do we know our own best interests. Yet we think we do. We tend to first decide what we want and then ask Spirit for direction. Instead, by deciding not to decide, we can open ourselves to let Spirit decide for us. In this way we come to experience that all real pleasure comes from doing God’s will.

“The ego doesn’t want you to give your life and possessions over to the Holy Spirit, because that would put the ego out of business, fast. So the ego is going to use plan Bs to defend against jumping all the way in to Spirit’s plan. That’s what our education has been in the world. Not only from our parents, but from our universities, from our seminars and workshops. We are told to save for a rainy day, to follow the ways of the world and always be prepared for future catastrophes. This is the bread and butter of the ego. Trusting in the Holy Spirit and giving it over to Jesus is the exact opposite of that.”

This recording of David took place on day three of the Happy Dream Retreat, Afternoon Gathering, Los Angeles, California, on February 11, 2017

Give up Your Plan B

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