The Holy Spirit will use symbols in your perception to help you face your rage, anger, and hatred. Symbols are any images that you see: other people, objects, or your own body. The Spirit is using the symbols that you made to help you get in touch with what was pushed out of awareness, which is the ego. The whole world was made so that you forget the ego was made. It is like you have amnesia. The maker of the world, the ego, wants you to get so caught up in this projection that you forget what it is made to cover over! It is all a distraction, so that you won’t look at the rage, anger, and hatred that is the ego. At first, it might seem like it’s not a blessing. The rage is uncomfortable. You need to get to the core of the rage in order to let it go. As long as you play games of repression and distraction, it will still run your life. It will mysteriously come up and then disappear only to resurface again. It will take away your peace of mind. It is like you are a child having a recurring nightmare. When children are told, look, next time you see that monster in your dreams, turn around and get a good look at him! Look him right in the eye! Often, when they do that, the monster will turn into a play-friend. The monster will become lovable. It was the "not looking at it" that kept the game of terror going. It was running from the unknown. If you will stop running from your rage, the Holy Spirit will use your relationships to expose it. Once exposed,  you will feel the healing as it is released. This is your way out. The Spirit is working with you. Relationships can help you face your rage. When you see the relationship in this way, you can actually feel gratitude. You can move quickly to the reinterpretation when you stop hiding and repressing. Instead of backing away, say “thank you” for the acceleration!


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