You have put your faith in ego beliefs such as making money on the stock market and doing regular exercise. These only wind you into the world. You are called to unwind from the world by divesting ego beliefs and investing in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is freedom.

Hello dear viewer: "Divesting Ego Beliefs" is discussed in full detail in this video. If you watch this video, you will know more about "Divesting Ego Beliefs" and your experience will increase after watching this video. So please watch the video at least once. We believe you will benefit greatly.
divesting ego beliefs

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Alexa Anderson on 2020-12-15

David quotes lesson 76: "A short review of the different kinds of "laws" we have believed we must obey: These would include, for example, the laws of nutrition, of immunization, of medication, and of the body's protection in innumerable ways. Think further -- you believe in the laws of friendship, of "good" relationships, and reciprocity. There are no laws but God's." The whole lesson is great; Lesson 50 as well. Thanks for the video.