David opens the session by talking about how, on the spiritual journey, the ego feels like it's getting chased out of its hiding places like a spider down in a well. Also, how, at times, the spiritual journey can get disorienting as things start to seem less "solid" and more surreal, but how this starts to be experienced as relaxing and new. There are also phases when there don't seem to be external witnesses for the Spirit, and this is a call to go deeper and rely more on the inner guidance. He also talks about letting the Spirit speak through you without censorship. But when you share this message, it is not always going to go over well with people, and that's okay. There's no need to convert people to "A Course in Miracles." It's always about peace for oneself and that's it. David talks about when someone once asked him why he goes anywhere if everything is perfect, and he affirms that, "Yes, there's no impetus to change anything." The ego will try to commercialize spirituality like what's happened to most holidays. Jesus is just a symbol of the unreality of this world and the Love that is true. You don't need to be perfect in form. Accept your perfection only in Spirit. Be gentle with yourself and follow the prompts you receive.