All physical impulses for sex or food are actually miracle impulses that have been distorted by the false identity. Looking at these impulses through Spirit’s lens, we see they are pointing us back to the remembrance of my True Self. In Heaven, in Oneness, there are no needs. But in the world, sexuality and hunger appear to be basic human needs. There can seem to be problems with sexuality and food. They are on the continuum of preferences, and preferences are judgments. The trick is that the ego makes hierarchies of these illusions even though they are really all the same. The Holy Spirit knows there are ego preferences. When you give yourself over to Him, He will use your preferences to unwind them all. But if you try to control your sexual desires at the form level, you just get into repression and denial. Practice forgiveness and your mind will be purified. This is purification from the inside and your behavior just follows; preferences fall away naturally. You will get prompts and guidance of what to say, what to do and how to be truly helpful.