A Miracle story of a young woman and her mother-in-law in China after being isolated for possible Coronavirus infection. Watch Frances' video above on the Coronavirus Miracle. 

The latest news can seem frightening to a lot of people. If you are not in touch with any emotions around this, read the latest news here:

Washington Post Article

"With California under a state of emergency, countries in Asia and the Middle East further restricting travel and some 300 million children facing school closures around the world, the coronavirus outbreak is spurring an escalating economic cost and increasing disruptions to everyday life."

How do you feel? Pay attention as you read the article. 

Everything in time and space, without exception, can be used for the mind to remember love. Miracles are possible every day if we give our relationships and our lives to the Spirit to use for the purpose of awakening. 

Watch this video again any time you need help remembering what it is all for. 


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