The ego-mind believes that sacrifice is possible. When you practice having the awareness that everything is mind, this belief comes up into question, "How could sacrifice be real, if everything is mind?" This questioning is an opportunity for a resurrection in the mind! Holding on to a belief is what gives seeming life to an identity that is separate from the Love of God. Therefore your true identity seems covered over by this belief, much like a cloud covers the sun. Thankfully, you do have the power to simply move the cloud and allow the light to shine its knowing upon you. Move this cloud of mistaken perception. Notice when upsets come up. When you find yourself reacting to a situation as though you’ve been mistreated or hurt, you’re reacting to a mirror. If you feel irritated, upset, or notice that you are experiencing a grievance towards another body, become aware that you are holding the belief in separation and sacrifice. This is merely mistaken perception. You do not have to deny the error, but go deeper into the mind and accept the correction. In truth, you are not separate from God. You are not trapped in a body or in a world. You are completely free. The crucifixion of Jesus is not a story of sacrifice. It is a symbol of resurrection and pure innocence: “It is only this ego belief in sacrifice that has tainted and colored even the crucifixion story; that the son of God had to sacrifice his life for the sins of mankind. That belief in sacrifice has tainted everything. It even tainted the events and the story, in the sense that it is a misinterpretation of the meaning that was being taught through the resurrection, which is one of pure innocence—of knowing your I-Am presence, of knowing you are the perfect child of God. This is a beautiful message really. Then the ego, with its upside-down perception, has twisted even the events surrounding the crucifixion and the resurrection.”