David Hoffmeister has been teaching the principals found in ACIM for many years. He has been An Uncompromising Path to God in his practice of what the Course teaches. Because of his uncompromising approach, he is now a living demonstration of the Awakened Mind. As "A Course in Miracles" states: "You will learn this Course completely or not at all." This series of videos recorded at the Kalani retreat center in Hawaii helps one to understand some of the steps required to awaken to the clear and beautiful state that the Course describes as the Christ Mind. Enjoy!

Hello dear viewer: "An Uncompromising Path to God " is discussed in full detail in this video. If you watch this video, you will know more about "An Uncompromising Path to God " and your experience will increase after watching this video. So please watch the video at least once. We believe you will benefit greatly. 

An Uncompromising Path to God (Part 7)