A Course in Miracles teacher David Hoffmeister shares about the rapid unwinding process that Living Miracles teacher Frances Xu went through. It can seem like the spiritual journey would be easier if your life situation didn’t have many of the trappings of the world, such as a marriage, a career, a mortgage, etc. But actually, it depends solely on the desire of one’s heart! So, no matter what your circumstances, step by step, at whatever pace you are ready for, the Holy Spirit will unwind you from this dream!
There can be a fear of loss, which can take different forms for different people. “What will be taken away from me?” is a common question, for the ego has made it seem as though sacrifice is quite real. It has gotten our mind addicted to the world and is continually advising us to aim for a “good life” in form, which it defines as having certain trappings of this world. But when we look at those who seem to have been very successful in worldly terms (e.g., Marilyn Monroe, and other celebrities), it becomes apparent that worldly success does not actually make one happy. The true journey to happiness, therefore, involves a path of miracles, of experience, and of opening to deeper levels of trust.
Frances shares a parable in this video about her experience of feeling the profound Love pouring through A Course in Miracles. Originally, her belief was that it would be important to understand the Course intellectually, but she soon realized that it’s purely about surrendering into a very deep experience that is entirely beyond the intellect. Openness to simply explore is a very helpful attitude to have and continue cultivating.

Recorded May 18th, 2015 during a 6-week devotional retreat in Mallorca, Spain with David Hoffmeister, Frances Xu, and others.-