What Is the Meaning of Life?

Question: What is the ultimate purpose and meaning of life?

Answer from David Hoffmeister: The awareness of dreaming. That’s it. That is everything. That is absolutely everything.

There is no other point to the world than the perspective of seeing it anew and seeing it clean and free of all judgments.

Seeing it clearly. Seeing it without any sense of the person or personhood and without the mask of the ego. That is the point of everything. This is the perspective in which there are no problems, and in which there have never been any problems. This is the state of mind that is still and silent and looks upon the world and lets all things be exactly as they are. You see that there’s nothing to arrange.

There’s nothing to control. There’s nothing to break apart. There is nothing to analyze. There is nothing to fix. There is nothing in the world to change. That is the purpose of mind-training.

This is the point to which all mind-training leads. It is the state of mind of complete non-judgment, where all things are equally acceptable without judgment. This is the point of complete acceptance and of seeing that nothing was ever out of place. This perspective of seeing everything without exception, that state of mind, is in my own best interest because that is the point. The point of my best interest is peace, joy, happiness and love. And that was always the point. That is always the point. That shall always ever be the point. 

What Is the Meaning of Life?

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