Christian mysticism - a direct and transformative experience given to all of us, when we open our minds to the presence of the Love of God.

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“Sometimes I am asked what is mysticism and I say, It’s Devotion to God. Single-pointed devotion to God.”
- David Hoffmeister

We weren’t designed for this world. We were created in Grace and Jesus says we will never be able to adapt or adjust to this world. Why? God didn’t create it. Why? You are a perfect Holy innocent child of God and you are only happy in your natural environment and that is Spirit. That is eternity. You want to find eternal happiness, you have to go to the environment where the happiness - the Kingdom of Heaven is within. The Christ is our identity.

The teachings of A Course in Miracles, for example, offer a way to practice and experience true devotion and when we really give our minds and our lives over to the practice of the teachings this becomes a life of mysticism - it is inevitable.

A Life of Mysticism

Christian mysticism, whether you’re a scientist, philosopher, theologian, or A Course in Miracles student, the light of heaven is where this devotion goes. And the gateway to that is the present moment and now you can see what mysticism really is. When you wake up in the day, your sole purpose is to reach eternity. That’s the only purpose there is. When we really give ourselves over to these paths we start to feel the guidance that Spirit offers us guide us into experiences where we start to see really we were wrong about everything we thought we knew. This happy realization that actually I was wrong about this painful judgment, about this painful belief about myself and about everyone else.


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