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About The Magazine

The movie and interactive tools presented in this magazine are intended to take us on a healing journey of forgiveness into an experience of God's Love: the unconditional love deep within us. We want to come to the joyful recognition that the happiness, peace, and joy we have been looking for is always present and ready to bring us into the pure Light of God. 

We want to embark on this journey of release together with the help of movies, and be willing to let go of everything we believed to be real. Like the images on a movie screen, we are watching the script of our lives unfold. What seems to be "real" on the screen are only blocks to the Love that is already in our mind. When we bring our awareness back to the light in the "projector room," we experience the eternal Love that has always been present.

What is The Big Wash?

David often refers to the movie workshops "a big wash," "aimed at washing away," "a letting go so our minds can be rinsed of every scrap of judgment," "an opportunity in which the Spirit will wash and clean our perception as if we were in a washing machine." It symbolizes the healing in mind as the light of truth washes our awareness from dark and unloving thoughts to the real or forgiven world that the Holy Spirit offers when we open ourselves up to it. This Light is ready to fill our hearts and minds until only a smile is all that remains. A deep knowing that we are safe and that nothing has gone wrong. We are Love and are Loved Forever.

Read The First Edition

In this first edition of The Big Wash, we will dive deep into the movie "I Can Only Imagine." A profound movie and true story on the life of Bart Miller and the healing journey with his father who fysically and mentally abused him and his mother while he was growing up. Together with teachings from David Hoffmeister, we will address some beautiful themes for healing and returning to peace of mind. The themes are forgiveness, anxiety, unworthiness, holy relationships, and undoing guilt.  

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About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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