This is part II of a series of articles (read part I here) in which I will continue to use music for healing to dive deeper into the mind, uncovering the ego's patterns, and blocks to peace. I will break down some of the lyrics and share my own insights with some powerful quotes from A Course in Miracles and a video from David Hoffmeister.

Have fun reading and listening!

Realizing you are doing this to yourself

It’s vitally important that we come to that “little willingness”, to admit that we are doing it all to ourselves. The awareness that all problems and situations are created in the mind, will seem to grow stronger the more we realize and accept we are the dreamer of the world of dreams. However, as we are approaching this ultimate awareness of being the One dreamer, we have to first see that we always have a choice as to whether we listen to the ego or Spirit. No matter how loud and convincing the ego’s voice seems to be in our mind, we can choose not to believe in the victim story but choose to be happy and at peace instead.

The song, “Just” by Radiohead (insert year) is a perfect example of the mind finally admitting that it’s doing it to itself. The chorus of the song is:

"You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts
Is you do it to yourself, just you
You and no one else
You do it to yourself"

Just (Lyrics) - Radiohead

Watch the live performance here to really immerse in the experience of the song.

"One day I'll get to you and teach you how to get to purest hell." Here it becomes very clear that Radiohead is painting a picture of the one wish the ego has. By the end of the song the ego exposes its deepest, most hidden motive—it wants us dead, but it doesn’t want us to know about it. It is constantly trying to distract and make us believe all the unloving voices in our mind. That the projections we hold in our mind about the world are speaking the truth about who and what we are. Once we start looking at it closer and become aware of the ego’s game, we can start to laugh and ask ourselves:

My god... Have I actually been listening to a voice that wanted me dead?” 

"Just" is a song that exemplifies the guilt and pain we seem to experience when we realize we fell into the ego’s trap once more. The ego rushes in right away, telling us, “You are so wrong and worthless. You will never do it right!” Admitting and exposing that we chose with the ego, that we chose to believe we are lacking and we need to be afraid, is the first step to heal these limiting and unloving egoic beliefs.


“Letting Go of Guilt” with David Hoffmeister

No matter how much anger we feel about being tricked by the ego, we have to accept our part and keep asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. 

"What would you have me do now?” 

We keep surrendering into listening and following to the Spirit, and in that, we can allow ourselves to forgive any insane choices coming from the voice of fear a.k.a the ego.  And so it becomes vital that we look at the choice presented to us in every moment, and clearly see that we can choose to listen to the voice for inner peace and true happiness instead!

“It is the response to the inner question, “How do I feel?”, along with the commitment to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit that ultimately will make it possible to discern between the two opposite thought systems.” ~ David Hoffmeister

Perfect Acceptance and True Forgiveness

It takes great growth and maturity to realize that “all things work together for the good”, as said in A Course in Miracles, and to truly let all things be exactly as they are. To see everything that ever happened as a perfect part of the script and to be able to forgive all the images by seeing them as equally unreal but also equally beautiful and perfect. 

One of my all-time favorite songs, that exemplifies this perspective perfectly is Radiohead’s song, “Everything in its right place”!

It doesn’t have a lot of words, but the intricate rhythms in the music and the meditative repetition of the phrase, “Everything in Its right place,” puts my mind and soul into a trance of everything and everyone playing their part perfectly. When you hear music for healing that creates such an amazing experience for our ears we get a sense of the involuntary nature of everything. Like life is one big song and dance that never ends. 

And when you hear it you will see why!

Since this song has only a few lyrics, I felt it is most helpful to show this amazing video montage of a man’s life with the music in the background, to point to the lesson of true forgiveness.

"Everything in its Right Place" - Radiohead

Watch the live performance here.

Below is a youtube clip of David Hoffmeister talking about the “master switch”. The master switch is the realization that in order to awaken from the dream we must accept that there is no hierarchy of illusions or no order of difficulty in miracles. If we have any aspect of the world that we prefer, desire or single out as more important than any other part of the dream, then we are resisting the realization that the world is an illusion and all the images are equally unreal. This prevents us from seeing that the purpose of everything in the world is forgiveness. If we want a tranquil mind that we have to be willing to let go of all form outcomes and just see everything that comes in our awareness as for forgiveness. 

“When you decide upon the form that you want you lose sight of its purpose”. ~ A Course in Miracles

“The Master Switch” with David Hoffmeister

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment below! I'd love to hear your thoughts and what came up for you when listening to the music for healing and reading this article.



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A student of the Course for many years, Kai Jaya recently gave away all his possessions with a Prayer of No Return to the past. Currently, he is surfing the waves of the Loving Light.


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