Part II: Accepting Jesus at Your Front Door

— What happened after my miraculous experience with the plumber and all insights I received during the live show Get real - "Joining in True Prayer!" with Kenneth Clifford Episode #44.


Healing in Mind

I had a week of miracles where I was accepting Jesus; it started with a diagnosis of asthma followed by the arrival of my plumber who reminded me of the power of prayer, and an episode of “Get Real” with Kenneth Clifford and David Hoffmeister as described in Part I of this story. After the Episode of "Get Real," I read the Rules for Decision as David recommended. I started my day reading it and decided,

“Today I will have a peaceful day, I will make peace my only goal.” 

Any time I would notice my breathing was difficult during the day I set the goal and decided I would not focus on it,  rush to my medication or inhaler but just let it be. Instead, I would place my attention on the present moment and whatever activity I found myself in, such as being with a client who needed help, answering emails. Just anything that was not about me and my symptoms. When I placed the rules of decision into practice I noticed that I seemingly could “not breathe” and send an email at the same time without having to use the inhaler!

Through this miracle, I realized I had built up a story ever since the day a doctor told me, ‘You have asthma.' The story was a life sentence and that every day, I was going to be struggling to breathe. This was a very depressing thought that led me to think, “Well then I would rather just die now.” This thought made me aware of how my ego was in control of the story and as that, yes, all ego’s thoughts lead to death. 

The previous weeks before this miracle, my mind was full of fear and I made an appointment with another doctor to get a second opinion on the medications because they did not seem to be working. Like with my plumber, I had forgotten about this appointment. After the Get Real episode I no longer felt a doctor was the answer, and I was hesitant to attend as I thought the doctor was going to wake my fear again. When I noticed this thought, I was reminded of how to use the rules for decision and to let go of my fear in decision making, and that I choose how to look at this situation with the Holy Spirit not the doctor. I felt it was ok to make the appointment with the new doctor... 

No order of difficulty in Miracles 

I hated talking about symptoms as it just made it more real to me so I sent her the asthma test results from the other doctor instead. When we talked she asked very specific questions about my symptoms and I can not believe what she said next…

“I don’t think you have asthma” 

I couldn’t believe it. As I changed my mind about things and that the healing would take place in mind, the doctor reflected these thoughts. She said, “You have allergies and it may feel like you aren’t breathing. However, it is nowhere near the level of asthma. I think believing you have asthma may be triggering fear which is causing you to hyperventilate.” A miracle of healing!


At this point, I was flying with joy! My faith and trust were soaring. It did not seem so daunting and impossible now to wake up. I can see now how taken care of I am. I can see how the miracles are there, how all my brothers are Jesus telling me what I need to know. It is just up to my decision of whether I look at it through fear or through love. This leads me to maintain a questioning mind where I asked myself, "Am I looking for proof that miracles are real or proof that body symptoms and fear is real?"  What I look for I will find.

Listen to David Hoffmeister & Frances Xu address this topic in a clear and deep way.

My question, “How can I be at peace when I am not able to breathe” was actually a distraction question, not the “right” question. I don’t even really know what questions to ask. That question already had so many assumptions and beliefs tied into it. How can Jesus answer that question when he knows I have no trouble breathing and I am at peace already. Like the fish in the ocean asking, “Can you teach me how to swim?” You are already doing it! See this and only this, and you don’t have to bother with learning to swim! 

Since that week of miracles, I have been flying high and breathing well. I finally get what it is for me = to “pray all day.”  It is not what I thought it was. It is mind-training, it is setting my purpose/goal for peace all day and making that my priority. It is also about how to focus and basically remembering this goal. It is about looking for evidence of peace, noticing any non-peaceful thoughts and applying The Rules for Decision to experience that peace is within my mind.


Read this terrific review on the movie, Love and Other Drugs from David Hoffmeister's Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment. A movie I very much recommend for healing the belief in sickness and body symptoms.


About the author

Jeanne Wilmot

Jeanne is a Course in Miracles student and Living Miracles volunteer.


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