Deborah and Lilo share with us one of the miraculous experiences they had during their stay in co-living at the Living Miracles center in Spain. The Living Miracles centers are solely focused on healing in mind and practicing and extending the teaching of A Course in Miracles and David Hoffmeister. Anyone that comes has a great desire to deepen in the relationship with their inner Guide/Intuition and is given only two guidelines for their mind-training; "No private thoughts" and "no people-pleasing". In this practice, deeply hidden patterns and emotions can rise up to the surface of consciousness and be released in a safe and non-judgmental environment with like-minded ones.

Through the mind-watching, transparency, and vulnerability, the miracle led them out of the ego's needs, doubts, and concerns that were arising while the mind was misidentified with these unloving thoughts of the ego. And they let all stories fall away.

For People pleasing is the attraction to and maintaining of guilt. Should this temptation arise in your holy mind, pause a Moment and remember the gratitude you have experienced deep within. Let the Strength of gratitude carry your awareness beyond the fear and the guilt. Remember All that our holy Purpose offers; step forward in the Strength of our Divine Innocence. ~ David Hoffmeister in his book "Unwind Your Mind Back to God."

Enrique Aravena 


I always felt very special about my stories in Bolivia, because in my mind, Bolivia always felt like such a mysterious country. The fact that the stories were played out there always gave me a sense of being different from everyone else. More special perhaps. One night as I was trying to share my story with two companions here at the co-living center in Mallorca, Evie and Anna, it didn’t feel as if I was sharing something real and true from my heart. It felt like I was losing myself in the story, and I could notice that I wasn't making much sense. At first, I ignored that feeling and kept on trying to impress them. But the moment I stopped talking, Evie asked me, "How do you feel now?" I closed my eyes and said, "Nothing makes sense."

However, I was still expecting something from them. When they moved on and got ready for bed, I felt really frustrated. I could see in their faces that, yeah... the story doesn’t make sense and didn't really have much depth. I felt really angry inside. “How come they didn’t buy it?” I went outside and suddenly it hit me... I realized that they were really a reflection of my mind showing me my desire not to people please and not to keep giving my mind-energy to these kinds of meaningless stories from the past. Oh, I felt so grateful! I got to see that the one who is no longer interested in my “precious” story, is me. I could no longer buy it. Both the story and the anger towards them and myself were no longer needed. I let it go and felt lighter. The anger disappeared instantaneously.

Enrique Aravena


A couple of hours after watching a movie with everyone here, I felt so uplifted by the message that had come through for me, and wanted to share about it with everyone. But as I was talking to the others,  I noticed I started feeling less and less good. Something had shifted, so I stopped and asked myself, "What is going on inside my mind?" Then I saw that now I actually wanted to get a response from them, some kind of response that would approve of my experience, but they weren’t giving that to me in the way that I had hoped for. Shit...

They started moving on to something else. I really didn’t like that and I was judging them for it. It was exactly like Deborah shared above. I felt wrong. Terrible. Stupid. But then suddenly I realized, “Wow, this is actually perfect?!" I asked myself, "Am I just wanting something from them, believing there is something missing in this moment? ... Yes! Exactly! That is exactly it! I can see the trick of the ego!"

I was just believing the ego's voice was that was telling me I needed to get something from them in order to feel good, safe and approved of. I had misidentified with this voice, thinking this was actually a true statement about me and my friends and I could see now that this interpretation was only coming from the distorted lens of the ego to keep me distracted from the miracle, from being at peace. It had all become a big story in my mind that I could now let go of.

With this turn in mind, I realized I wanted to remember and hold the insights that I received during the movie alive for myself, and I didn't need anyone else for that. It was all for me to feel that spark in my heart and give it away, not needing anything in return.

It is astonishing to see how the ego even tries to use miracle sharings to tell you you are not doing well or that you are not good enough. Whatever belief there is in the mind, we will keep being handed opportunities as long as it is not forgiven. I am glad that the others followed their heart and didn't people please by going along with my story and so we all got to share in this beautiful miracle. 

Enrique Aravena

Artist Enrique Aravena and non-dual teacher, David Hoffmeister, recently collaborated together on a virtual art exhibition to extend the message of Love & Truth. Visit the exhibition HERE.

Enrique also freely offered his paintings to us on If you feel it in your heart to support Enrique's paintings, you are welcome to make a donation HERE.

About the author

Lilo Aurora

I am devoted to practicing forgiveness and discovering the spark in my heart, beyond any judgment and concepts of the world.


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