Music for Anxiety and Depression

Feeling anxious, depressed, alone, in need of guidance on where to go and what to do? To help you relax and release any doubts and worries, I have picked out some beautiful Spirit channeled songs and meditations for you from ones in the Living Miracles community. These soft words combined with some gentle tunes will help wash away any anxiety so you reconnect with the voice of your inner Self/Spirit. When the mind is quiet, the voice of the Spirit—the voice for God within—can speak to you to give you guidance. In allowing any emotions to rise up to be released, you can surrender into the stillness of Mind. Spirit is always with you to guide you in His direction and to provide you with clear prompts to follow. He wants you to know how perfectly safe and taken care off you are, in this very moment. You are never alone and you can never get it wrong. Now, sink in, relax and rest in the deep knowing you are held by One who always knows the very Truth of your Being.

anxiety and depression

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. It is a universal language, and a pathway to God. Music touches us emotionally and serves as a guide into an experience of Divine Love.”

Svava’s album, Divine Essence has 14 beautiful and heavenly songs that can bring you into a deep meditation; to the remembrance of Who you truly are. Let all the dramas of life fall away while listening to this soothing, angelic music. The song we picked out is called, “The Holy Instant.”

Kirsten Buxton
Is anxiety keeping you up at night? Listen to this meditation and let Kirsten's soft voice help you wind down before going to sleep. This meditation will guide you deep within to the Heart of your true Self and bring rest to your mind. 

Erik Archbold
You are always wholly innocent no matter who you think you are or what you think you have done. Erik Archbold takes you on a joyful ride with his song "Rhythm of the soul," delivering Spirit's message of Innocence to us. With an open and willing heart, join Erik in the music to receive the Gift of Love that you deserve and let all depression be rinsed from your mind.

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