I had such a beautiful call with a dear friend of mine recently, a deep experience of letting go of drama and judgments arising in the mind, and of staying very mindful and present with a brother when emotions and thoughts are being expressed.

At a certain point during the call, both my friend and I were having emotions and thoughts of responsibility come up. While she was expressing what was going on for her, I noticed that judgments and opinions had entered my mind. Suddenly I wanted to get some kind of approval from her and wanted to be right about what I was thinking. Through close observation of what was going on in my mind, I got aware of the specific thoughts and beliefs that had entered and came to the recognition that this was causing discomfort and disconnection within. I realized then that the only way to feel present and peaceful again was to let it all go and felt that I would rather be wrong about everything I was thinking and believing than to not feel the love in my heart. 

From then on, it felt like a total miracle. Even though neither of us was in a clear, loving state of mind, the thoughts and emotions arising for both of us could still be shared with one another without giving each other advice or getting into a discussion about it. You can say that an all-accepting, non-judgmental space was being held where anything could be let up without unhelpful reactions coming back to you. 
In the willingness to let everything be exactly as it was, I could connect to an inner trust that somehow nothing went wrong and that nothing needed to be said or done or fix anything, recognizing that the unloving thoughts arising in awareness are only coming from my own desire for something other than feeling the love and peace in my heart right now.
I left this call with a deep feeling of gratitude as I was shown once again that the drama was going on in my mind and that the answers I was looking for were to be found within.

Shortly after the call was ended, a video from A Course in Miracles teacher, Frances Xu (added below), popped up on my computer called, "How do I forgive this?" It came in with such perfect timing, talking about the exact topic that was on my mind; letting go of drama and judgments and releasing a brother from any upset in any situation."

I love how Frances shares in this video, "Even though you might not feel the release and forgiveness straight away, as long as you go towards the direction of wanting to let go of this resentment and doubt, even if this is all you can do for now, even if it is just a tiny step you are willing to take, then you can know it is purposeful. If you can just say, I'm willing to let go of this character to be blamed by me, then I can guarantee you that miracles will keep coming and new perspectives will be given."

I'm so grateful for this whole experience, witnessing the power of desire and the fruits of the practical application of forgiveness. 

How to forgive drama and attack


To know more about Frances Xu, visit her website.

To go further into the topic of letting go of drama and judgments, go here and click on the first Q&A in the list, called, "How can we experience miracles and know that we are Spirit so that it's not just theoretical?"

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