Is life just a dream?

Each miracle you have, every miraculous expression that comes through you means that you are coming from a deeper and deeper place in your mind to a realization that it is a dream and every miracle reinforces that it is just a dream. "Life is but a dream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream." The miracles keep reinforcing that ancient nursery rhyme over and over, saying, "Yes it is true, it is just a dream and you are the dreamer of it. You are not a figure, you are not at the mercy of all these things that seem so big and blown out of proportion in the projected world. You are the dreamer." And it resonates more and more and more within you.

Golden nugget from the video

"Frances was saying the other day that she had had some dreams wherein one of them we were in Greece, maybe around Athens. Then we were somewhere else saying that we needed to go back to the place we were teaching. In the dream she asked, "Is life just a dream?" She described that in the dream we went to this picture room and we were looking at all these scenes, flipping through them, all these screens of all these different places trying to get back to the place that we were teaching.

Some of you may have seen the movie with Tom Cruise called "Minority Report." In it he was flipping through all these screens looking at many scenarios, All of them were in the future. They were trying to catch crimes before they would happen. He was also using empaths and was zipping through all these pictures. That is what reminded me when Frances was talking about her dream and asking, "Is life just a dream?" We have to get more and more aware that all these pictures are like your life in this world, all those memories are just like a picture book and now think of them as a digital picture book that you can take your little fingertips and you can zoom them around and zip them around, swish them away, bring them back, refine them like on an iPhone you can expand them for more details, you can look into them, collapse them and push them away. Think of it all like digital memory, and think of this room and this character that is talking now as more digital memories for your mind. They are just more of these kinds of memories and you are going deeper and deeper inward just for one realization and that is that you are the dreamer. That is the only realization.        

When they talk about why did you come to earth, what lessons did you come to learn? Why do we have to think that there are plural lessons? Do you really think that in the end there are four golden lessons or five golden lessons and you have only learned four so you have to go back? Why do we think there have to be plural lessons when actually it is much simpler than that? We do not even have lessons to learn there are not even plural lessons. All we have to do is get ONE lesson to escape or to recognize the truth. Jesus gave it to us when he said,  "You are the dreamer of the world of dreams. No other cause it has, nor ever will." (ACIM, T-27.VII.13:1-2.) He is giving it to us straight. "You are the dreamer of the world of dreams. No other cause it has, nor ever will." That is the only lesson, just one! How hard can that be?  Think of all the meaningless things that we have learned through our "education," we are probably in the billions and trillions of things. If you think that you could take your mind and learn all those billions and trillions of bits of nothingness then you would think that you could turn it around and unlearn them and learn one lesson, or get one lesson experientially if that is all that it is. That is what Jesus was telling us when he said, "the truth is true and only the truth is true," and the only way you can experience that truth is to see that you are the dreamer. That is the beauty, the happiness, and the joy that is light-heartedness, which we were talking about in the first session. How can you laugh at the dreams if you do not know that you are the dreamer? You are left in the position of two different kinds of dreams. The dreams that you think you like and the dreams that you do not like. That is the human condition and that is unsatisfying because then you are always weighing between two kinds of dreams, good dreams or bad dreams. "I am in love." Ok that is good and "I want the happy dream." Okay, do you know what that is? If you think you can fall in love with a body than you do not know what the happy dream is. "But I want both of them. I want to love a body and I want the happy dream too." And Jesus said, "Do you want freedom of the body or of the mind? For both you cannot have." (ACIM, T-22.VI.1:1-2.) How great is that, to hear it straight from Jesus, "For both you cannot have." Do you want to do spend a few millenniums debating that? Would you say, "Stay away, stay away. I finally have the princess so you stay away! It took me a whole two millennium to get her and I will set the dragon with his flames on you so just stay away and do not touch!" There is this protectiveness of these concepts and images that at some point we have to realize and ask ourselves how long are we willing to play this game of protectiveness?

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