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Many people are curious about how to have a deeper relationship with Jesus. Yet, when you think about how to deepen your connection or your relationship with Jesus, I think it's important to first ask a deeper question, which is this: What do you mean by relationship? What does that word mean to you? What human beings consider relationships ultimately are not  relationships. There are no true relationships on planet earth or in time and space. And yet, of course that’s what’s believed in so the Holy Spirit and Jesus have to use what the sleeping mind believes in to reach it.

Everybody has heard of the Trinity. The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost. In Heaven, there are no distinctions in terms of Spirit. The distinction between the three, they are all Spirit. They are all eternal. They do not have any differences in appearance, because there are no appearances. It’s just all pure Light. You can’t tell the difference in terms of the essence of what they are because they are all Spirit. They are all in relationship and they all communicate through what we would call Divine Mind. Through the thoughts of God. All the thoughts of God are completely shared. Christ has all the thoughts of God, Holy Spirit has all the thoughts of God. They are all sharing the thoughts of God because God is the Creator. The Creator shares everything. 

This is not like earth parents, where they seem to make you as a baby. Then they feed you and comfort you in the best case scenario. They give you sustenance to a certain point, then usually they go you’re on your own now. They are happy to cut the cords. That’s not the way God thinks. God doesn’t ever cut the cords. Every thought that God has ever thought is always shared freely in Spirit. That is the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s increasing, not in size or shape, because there is no size or shape. It’s ever increasing, Light extending and radiating and radiating without end. So, there is an increase without time dimensions, because there is no time in eternity. There are no cut offs and there is no disinheritance. It’s all connected. It’s all pure Spirit. The only distinction you might say in terms of Light is that God created Christ. They are all eternal beings, so it’s not a time sense of creation. In eternity God came first. God created first, and forever and for always. In the world, what comes first comes before. Well, in one sense the Creator is the Cause, the big Cause with a capital C. Christ is an effect of that Cause.

relationship with Jesus

When we think about our relationship with Jesus, the first thing that comes to me is, if I’m identified as an earth creature, if I’m identified as a time creature, if I’m identified as a personality and the essence of Jesus is the Christ, Jeshua is just an earth name. But actually, Jeshua woke up and he realized that the Christ is real and Jeshua was part of the dream. When Christians say they want a personal relationship with Jesus, my first question is, ok if you believe you’re a person we established that. But what if this person wants a relationship with an eternal being called Christ. I think they are on different levels here. One is a dream figure and one is the living Christ. Living in the Mind of God. Now that’s an interesting relationship. 

From a personality relating to an eternal being. How do you do that? Well I would say that the one who believes is a personal being should be open and receptive to guidance and instruction that comes from the eternal being, through the Holy Spirit. Because this eternal being is so pure that it’s in the Mind of God and this eternal being is so pristine that it is pure Spirit. Christ is pure Spirit and so is God. Now the Holy Spirit takes on a teaching function in which he can see the error but he knows the error is not real. He has the memory of God’s Love but he also can see the error. That is why the Holy Spirit is called the comforter or the bridge, because the Holy Spirit takes on a function that can reach your mind where it believes it is. Where we have believed we are. If we actually truly have our life and being in Heaven but we believe we are in time and space, now the Holy Spirit has to reach this sleeping mind with words and symbols to teach it that it’s not where it thinks it is, in fact it’s never been there.

Now what about Jesus and your relationship with Him? If Jesus already ascended, now Jesus is gone, and the Christ is living in the Mind of God, what about Jesus? There is a nice part in the Course, it comes through and says: Jesus shared your dreams and shares them still. That connection with Jesus is really synonymous with the Holy Spirit, because remember the Holy Spirit can see the error. He can see the dream but he knows the dream is not real. That’s why the Holy Spirit is the teacher, that’s why the Holy Spirit is the comforter, that’s why the Holy Spirit is the bridge. Now that’s the kind of relationship you want to have with Jesus. You want to have a relationship with a presence that knows sickness is impossible, that knows that pain is impossible, that knows that guilt is impossible, that knows your divine innocence is reality, and doesn’t see you guilty ever in any seeming circumstance or in any seeming situation. Now that’s a friend. Someone who’s always accessible, and always sees your innocence, and knows you as you truly are, and shares your dreams still to lead you out of the dreams. 

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