This article talks about how to move from anxiety attacks to awakening to higher inspiration and joy in life.


When I was sixteen years old I started having anxiety attacks. It motivated me to find another way to live life and find another way to happiness. 


Conditioning Leads to Anxiety Attacks

I thought the way to find happiness in life was through what my teachers were teaching me which was to find a job, find a spouse, and then buy a house and I’d live happily forever. Then anxiety attacks started hitting me and I didn’t know how to cope with them. I was only taught how to control life at the behavioral level and I wasn’t taught in school how to control my state of mind.


Mind Training as a Path to Joy

Soon I had to realize that the only way to happiness was through controlling my state of mind and not making outcomes happen in the world. Thankfully, this would be the way out of these anxiety attacks. I started to look at controlling the direction of my thinking rather than trying to control outcomes and the world around me. This is when I turned inward and found out that my behavior comes from my thoughts. The way I was thinking about the world had been very dark. I thought everyone only cares about themselves and no one is interested in others. This perception of the world and the thoughts that were associated with that were causing me anxiety, making me feel depressed. So I realized that if I think thoughts that are loving instead of fearful and change my perception of the world then my behavior will match. But if I wonder about the future or the past then I won’t be present to the loving thoughts that are only available right now.


anxiety attacks


How Mind Training Heals Anxiety 

How does all this work? Well, it’s the thoughts that you think that cause how you feel so it’s with these thoughts that you need to work with in order to feel peace instead. Mind training was needed for me to change my thoughts and perception of the world so that’s why I practiced with the book A Course in Miracles, which contains a 365-day mind training program within it. I saw that this was the key to happiness that had been missing from my life. When I started to see that I could see the world in a different way and my thoughts were my only problem, the anxiety attacks started to disappear. Another helpful tool to release upsetting thoughts that leads me to peace of mind is the Instrument for Peace worksheet by A Course in Miracles teacher David Hoffmeister. 



This simple way to release thoughts when you’re upset will help change your perception of the world and light up your mind even before you start reading A Course in Miracles.


Let me know how it goes in the comments section. You deserve only consistent happiness!





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Jason Warwick on 2021-03-14

Beautiful Andy!!! Thank you for sharing!