A spiritual movie that takes you into peace. A great spiritual movie involving mystical experience while witnessing Jesus’ resurrection in front of the apostles is called Risen. The main character named Clavius who is a Roman tribune found the meaninglessness of war and it was unbearable to his peace of mind which drew forth a witness of Jesus. This experience showed him there was more to life than war and fighting.

When Idols fall

It all seemed to start when he was in the hot tub with his boss Pilate who asked him why he wanted this life. His response was that it was for making more money to buy a house in the countryside and have a family, thinking that would bring him peace of mind. Pilate questioned that motive and asked if all that was truly necessary for peace of mind.

This alone makes this a great spiritual movie. The portrayal of Pilate reflecting Clavius’ doubt of whether all his ambition was necessary for acquiring peace of mind.

That encounter planted a seed in Clavius’ mind and from that point on he could not be truly content with war. 

Jesus as a witness for peace of mind

When he was then given his next assignment to find Jesus’s dead body after it had vanished from the tomb, his prayer was answered after he saw Jesus with the apostles when he was supposed to be in a tomb lifeless. Instead, he finds Jesus alive and extending peace to the apostles. This turned his life upside down and had him question everything he believed. He couldn’t go back to his old life after that experience.

He quit his job as a Roman tribune and decided to follow the apostles and Jesus. His self-concept was cracked but he was humble enough to know that there was more to life than war and following Jesus and the apostles was going to be his way to find the peace of mind he deserved. This was a life of true devotion for him

Risen Official Trailer

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