A Course in Miracles Online Retreat (July 1-3)

Join David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles community for a 3–day A Course in Miracles retreat online with teaching sessions, an All-Day Movie Workshop, live music, and many opportunities to share what is on your heart.

"Without your special function has this world no meaning for you. Yet it can become a treasure house as rich and limitless as Heaven itself. No instant passes here in which your brother's holiness cannot be seen, to add a limitless supply to every meager scrap and tiny crumb of happiness that you allot yourself."

A Course in Miracles (T-26.I.5.)

Each of us has a special function. The Spirit knows where in the plan we can be of most help; He can use all our skills and abilities to heal and bless. Our special function is given us in every moment, as we are gently guided toward our brother to take our part in the plan of forgiveness.

During this weekend retreat, we will explore our "Spirit-Given Function" and rejoice that we have found our part in God's plan for salvation!


"Such is the Holy Spirit's kind perception of specialness; His use of what you made, to heal instead of harm. To each He gives a special function in salvation he alone can fill; a part for only him. Nor is the plan complete until he finds his special function, and fulfills the part assigned to him, to make himself complete within a world where incompletion rules."

A Course in Miracles (T-25.VI.4.)


"The retreat was truly a miracle. All my deepest questions were answered. The participants expressed what was on my heart. I am so grateful for this deep love that is extended in this community. My heart opens up continuously."

  — Maike, Germany


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