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If the Course is itself also an illusion, how can I trust it?

Each time I try to study the Course, I get caught at one major philosophical point: if the Course teaches us that all we perceive with our physical senses is illusion and false, then does that make the Course illusionary and false as well?

The "person" which seems to read and study and practice the ACIM Workbook is a self-concept that is being undone, and that self-concept includes personhood and books and words. The Christ is Spirit (the “I Am” Presence) and is Reality, and all perception is illusion. Forgiveness, or healed perception, is the Perspective of looking with the Holy Spirit Which simply sees the false as false. The ACIM book is part of the dream of illusion, yet the dreamer of the dream who is aware that it is dreaming - the lucid dreamer - understands that the images of the five senses are not real. In deep meditation, what is beneath all time-space thought forms is an experience in which the world and the Course are literally forgotten in a Blaze of Light. Such is Awakening, for Reality is Abstract Love and Light. Accepting Atonement, the stated goal of ACIM, is the experience that nothing of the five senses has any meaning, for Meaning is Identity as Spirit.

ACIM is a symbol—among other symbols used by the Holy Spirit—to Help Awaken the mind that sleeps from dreams of time, to the Reality of Oneness in the Mind of God. The true evidence of Awakening is an experience of Peace, Happiness, Joy and Freedom unlike anything that seemed to come before. Therefore how you feel is a guide to Truth and ends the search for proof or evidence from the five senses. The five senses were part of the error which Atonement corrects.

Love always,